Blades & Blades Consultancy Services, LP
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About the Company

Blades & Blades Consultancy Services has been operating since 1995. The Barbados based operation has a successful track record of achieving the objectives for its clients. The operation focuses on the solutions and uses a variety of strategies and resources to execute its business advisory services and funding initiatives for entities based in Barbados and around the Caribbean. In recent years, we have fostered even more relationships within the international community which have borne fruit in terms of projects and key strategic alliances. Our clients are assured of best practices in arriving at their solutions; regardless of their time zone.

Explore how you can make your business dollars more productive while being able to have the correct systems to track your resources. You want to be among the successful businesses who used practical business systems best suited to your operation. We have the experience of offering business development services within a number of sectors - Information Technology (IT), Banking, Health, Insurance, Tourism, Arts and Craft, Public Transport, Medical, Duty Free, Retail, and the list goes on. Contact us today to get more information about how to develop yourself and/or your business!

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