Blades & Blades Consultancy Services, LP
Helping people and organizations to make money and keep it!

About Us

O U R   M I S S I O N

To apply our skills and expertise to the growth and development of those with whom we consult. We intend to assist in the social and economic transformation of the private and public sectors at both the micro and macro levels .

W H O   W E   C A T E R   T O

1. Corporations
2. Small Businesses
3. Individuals
4. Hospitality and Tourism Sector
5. Medical, Dental, and Health & Fitness
6. Retail including Duty Free Sector
7. Government Sectors

W H A T   W E   D O

¨ Personal Development
¨ Sales and Motivational Training
¨ Strategic Marketing & Planning
¨ Entrepreneurial Venture Management
¨ Debt Management
¨ Team Building
¨ Customer Care
¨ Business Planning & Development

H O W   W E   D O   I T

¨ Coaching
¨ Seminars and workshops
¨ Consulting Assignments (stand alone or team)



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